Village of Carmacks, Yukon

The Village of Carmacks, Yukon is located in a spectacular wilderness setting at the confluence of the Yukon and Nordenskiold rivers. Considered by many to be 'the hub of the Yukon', it is situated 180 kilometers north of Whitehorse on the Klondike Highway, near its junction with the Robert Campbell Highway.
Thousands of years before the Klondike Gold Rush and the building of the Alaska and Klondike highways, the Carmacks area existed as a rest stop on a main trade route used by Indigenous People. These First Nations included coastal Tlingits, northern and interior Gwich’in and other Southern and Northern Tutchone groups.
Since becoming incorporated as a village November 1st, 1984, the Village of Carmacks now maintains a stable population of around 500 full-time residents. Many residents are employed by federal, territorial, First Nation and municipal governments. Private sector industries provide employment in the mining, construction, service industry, and tourism fields.
Services and facilities in the community include a primary and secondary school, a college campus, and healthcare services. 
Local attractions include great fishing, several agate trails leading to gemstones and geodes, a 1.5 kilometer boardwalk, and a numerous historic artifacts.

New Residents

Becoming a new resident anywhere can be quite daunting, however well worth it may perhaps be perceived from some of our Community Leaders/Council Members who have become long-term residents of the Village of Carmacks. For more information please refer to the links below for new residents.
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