Mayor and Council Bios

Village Council consists of 5 residents dedicated to the Village, constituents, community and business sector. They continue to strive to make Carmacks a better place.
Below you will find a bio of each member of Council.

Village Office

Village of Carmacks
143 River Drive
Box 113, Carmacks YT Y0B 1C0
Ph:  (867) 863-6271
Fax: (867) 863-6606

 Mayor and Council

 Position  Name  Telephone  E-mail
 Mayor  Lee Bodie   (867) 863-6271
 Councillor  Justin Lachance  (867) 863-6271
 Councillor   Doris Hansen  (867) 863-6271
 Councillor  Dennis Mitchell  (867) 863-6271 TBD
 Councillor  Helena Belanger  (867) 863-6271



  Name Position Telephone E-mail
Matthew Cybulski
(867) 863-6271 Ext. 102
Annette Wylimczyk
Finance Officer
(867) 863-6271 Ext. 104
Municipal Clerk
(867) 863-6271
Public Works
  Jens Wylimczyk (Acting) Public Works General Manager 
(867) 332-1520 (Cell)
(867) 863-6271 Ext. 103
Macks Ayles 
Municipal Services Operator 
Keith Sheldon
JR Foreman 
(867) 385-1521
Jens Wylimczyk 
SR Foreman 
(867) 385-1522
  Edcyl Garcia  Municipal Services Operator     
  Bill Tonnersen  On-call MSOP     
Recreation & AFO
  Chanel Johnnie Recreation Director (Acting)   (867) 332-1517 (Cell) 
Chanel Johnnie
Booking Clerk 
(867) 863-6271 ext. 202
  Brad Martin  AFO Lead Hand (867) 385-0150 
  Paris Wheeler Recreation Assistant    
  Roxy Baker CSR  
  Jamie Skookum  SR. Program Leader/Rec Asst    
  Myla Lillefors
Recreation Admin
  Alexis Birckel-Fields Jr. Program Leader    
  Addy Singh CSR    
  Elie Battour Jr. Program Leader     
  Kylie Bingley Learn to Skate Instructor    
  Orlando Domingo Recycling Coordinator  (867)-332-1519
  Emmanuel Ribao Recycling Assistant (867)-332-1519  
  Jerson De Leon  Recycling Assistant   (867) 332-1519  

Mayor Lee Bodie

Councillor Justin Lachance

Councillor Doris Hansen

Councilor Kevin Unterschute

Councilor Helena Belanger