$2.3 Million - CMHC Housing Accelerator Funding Awarded to Village of Carmacks

March 28, 2024 - The Village of Carmacks is proud to announce that it has been selected as a recipient of the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) Housing Accelerator Funding (HAF). This funding, totaling $2.36 million, will be instrumental in fast-tracking the development of 30 housing units, including a high-density housing project known as "The Village Hub."
"The Village Hub" will be a cornerstone of our community's efforts to address housing needs (24 units), with 12 units specifically designated for low-income housing. This development aligns with our commitment to creating inclusive and sustainable housing options for all residents of Carmacks.
In addition to "The Village Hub," the Village of Carmacks will be implementing various HAF-funded initiatives aimed at enhancing housing accessibility and affordability. These initiatives include:
• Implementation of a New E-permitting System: Streamlining the permitting process to expedite housing development projects.
• By-law (Zoning) Amendments to Promote Housing Diversity: Ensuring that zoning regulations support a variety of housing types to meet the needs of our diverse population.
• High-Density Site Development Incentives and Non-profit Partnerships: Encouraging the construction of high-density housing through incentives and fostering partnerships with non-profit organizations.
• Idle Land and Single Residence Taxation and Disincentives: Addressing issues of land speculation and underutilization by implementing taxation measures to encourage development.
Mayor Lee Bodie expressed his gratitude for the support from CMHC, stating, "This funding represents a significant investment in the future of our community. With the support of CMHC, we are empowered to address housing challenges and create a more vibrant and inclusive Carmacks."
Deputy Mayor Justin Lachance echoed Mayor Bodie's sentiments, emphasizing the importance of collaboration in achieving our housing goals. "By working together with government partners and stakeholders, we can make meaningful progress towards ensuring that everyone in Carmacks has access to safe and affordable housing. It is crucial to the health of the community to have the opportunity to live and grow in their home community and not be forced to move away for suitable housing or work."
The Village of Carmacks looks forward to the positive impact that these initiatives will have on our community and is committed to continuing efforts to enhance housing affordability and accessibility for all residents.
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