Mayor Lee Bodie

In the grocery business from the tender age of 17 years, I found the love of my life.... FOOD. I've been in the business ever since. Now at the tender age of 62 years, I still feel young on the inside, but the mirror shows a completely different reflection. Having managed 6 stores and owned my own store, invaluable life lessons have been learned with respect to customer service and dealing with a varied clientele, to say nothing of the financial implications of multi-million dollar businesses.
I love my work and I love making improvements and finding better ways to do the same thing. And, I love to make work fun. Come to any of our Council meetings and you'll see that we try to add a little "zest" to the often unappealing issues of waste water and solid waste facilities. I take the role of Mayor very seriously though and strive to make Carmacks a better place to live, along with the help of the rest of the Council. Expect some fun along the way is all I'm sayin'.